Home loan of ₹30L for 25 years repay it in 10 years.

Loan amount = ₹30,00,000
Interest rate = 8%
No. of years = 25 years

So, monthly EMI = 23,154

And, loan amount = 30,00,000
Total interest paid = 39,46,346
Total amount paid = 69,46,346

You would have lost almost ₹40L in interest. So instead you can paid on extra EMI every year alongside monthly EMIs. You could save ₹12L in interest and loan will be repaid in just 20 years.

You can experiment around by paying 2 extra EMIs which will end the loan in 16 years.

Another way is to increase the percentage of your EMI every year.
For example, you increase your EMI by 10% every year.
So in the first year EMI will be ₹23,154.
In the second year it will be ₹23,154 + ₹2,315 = ₹25469 and so on.
This way you will save almost ₹22 L on interest and loan will be repaid in 11-12 years.