How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Gmail

  1. Click on your profile picture in the upper-right hand corner and click “My Account.” From your account page, choose “Sign-in & security.”
  1. Select “2-Step Verification” under “Password & sign-in method.”
  1. At this point, before you make log-in changes to your account, Google may ask you to enter your password and sign in again.
  2. Now you can set up 2FA. Click “Get started.”
  1. Enter your mobile phone number. You’ll need to be able to receive text messages and/or voice calls at this number. Choose which you’d prefer and click “Try it.”
  1. Soon after you click, you should receive a text or call with your code. Enter just the numbers, without the “G-” prefix, and click “Next.”
  1. Click “Turn on.”