Top 10 Free Tools useful for Content Creators

  1. Canva
    This is the tool I use to create my Pinterest graphic and blog post graphics.
    I also use this to create graphics for my instagram stories, my live video posts and podcast posts.
    Canva Mobile has gotten a lot less complicated but, for the best experience, I use it on desktop.
    If it isn’t for something overly serious, I use my phone.

I love their templates.

  1. Over
    Over is great for creating article posts like I do on my Instagram handle.
    The process for doing that I will share someday on my YouTube channel here.
    Use this tool if you want to have article slides like mine and easily edit them when you need to.
  2. Anchor
    Want to start creating a podcast as well, this is your go-to tool.
    I use an anchor to record and publish my podcasts.
    While this tool still has a ton of buggy issues especially with their live call-in feature, import features, and also, their feature for two show hosts, it is great for podcasting on a one-person show.
    Background music, interludes, and music make up my fave part of the tool.
    I hate that I cannot see who is subscribing to my podcast or view deeper analytics.
    The tool also helps you publish to about 6 other platforms on the go.
  3. Mailchimp
    This is the tool I use to manage my newsletter and email subscription for my lead generation tools.
    Now, I want to start releasing weekly emails again, this is the tool I will use and recommend.
    Their mobile version is now so easy to use.
    Need something less complicated, use revue.
  4. EDownloader
    I don’t know how I would have created half my videos without this tool.
    The tool makes it easy for me to download movies, stock videos, and YouTube videos that I want to use in my posts, video content, and courses.
    Love it.
  5. YouTube Studio
    While you still cannot edit your YouTube channel art and profile picture using this app, it lets you do other things.
    The app makes it easy for you to edit your YouTube thumbnails and descriptions directly from your phone.
  6. Apowerrecorder
    Sometimes, I would want to record my laptop screen and use the lesson for my DIY videos, this tool helps make that possible.
    The free version will only record free videos for 3 minutes after which, it will stop and you have to start another recording.
    Want something like this for mobile, try recirdit.
  7. Google Drive
    I use this tool to send things like recordings from my laptop to my iPhone.
    I also use it to upload my books that I want to make into flipbooks for the book club.
  8. Pages
    This iPhone tool makes it easy for me to create cheatsheets and e-books on my mobile phone.
    It doesn’t have a lot of features like Canva but, it is super easy to use and, you can add images, clickable links.
  9. Grammarly
    This tool only comes to life when I am creating content for the blog using my laptop.
    It helps to highlight all the spellings I got wrong and sentences that need to be fixed while offering the correct spelling or sentence arrangement.
    It is free to use and works well to protect us from sounding like complete idiots.
  10. Photoshop
    Nothing can beat Photoshop. All in one content creation master tool.